Tips to consider before starting HCG drop diet plan

Are you not sure where to begin when starting HCG? When starting a new diet, it is hard to stick with it when you are not prepared. When you begin to add HCG drops and implementing the HCG diet plan to your daily life it helps to know where to begin. Here are a few tools to help you get started to make this a successful journey to your new body transformation. It is always helpful to have a plan to keep you motivated and on task for you to achieve the optimal weight loss while taking HCG.

  1. Set a Date: Set a realistic day to begin your HCG drops. It is best to avoid starting near big holidays or right before leaving on a vacation. You want to accomplish your weight goal with the best timing that you can focus on you.
  2. Choose your HCG: If you need to lose over 25 pounds prescription HCG is the way to go. HCG prescription is best for those just starting with HCG drops for the first time. It is best because it suppresses your appetite and increases energy levels ensure you will start to drop pounds quickly.
  3. Order Enough HCG: You need to ensure you order enough HCG drops for 60 days. You can’t afford to miss one day if you should have to reorder. It is important to your weight loss goal to have a sufficient supply.
  4. Set a Weight Loss Goal:  Pick a weight that is attainable for you and one that is a healthy weight. Seeing and knowing the number you want to achieve will help you stay focused and follow the progress you are making while on It might be helpful to journal your weight loss journey.

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If you are not aware of the health risks, that testosterone (T) deficiency may bring you, this article will provide you with the relevant information regarding both the risks of low testosterone and ways to treat it. Many medical doctors prescribe testosterone replacement therapy for the patients that suffer from the hormone’s deficiency also known as hypogonadism.

Testosterone replacement therapy is given to the people whose glands (testicles in men and ovaries in women) cannot produce the enough amount of this hormone. The reasons for the lack of T in one’s body may be various, for example, aging or psychological problem.

If you do not treat it, you may experience frequent mood changes, loss of sexual desire, insomnia, weight gain and other issues. So what should you do? Continue reading to find out.

·       Testosterone Supplements

Dietary supplements are products that are added to your diet regimen in order to boost your energy and mood throughout your day, maintain the healthy level of vitamins, minerals and acids in your body and to positively affect your overall health.

These food additives, also known as test boosters, consist of essential nutrients such as vitamin D, K2 and vitamins B6 and B12, zinc and magnesium and other compounds that are vital for your body. Depending on your choice, you can take them from once to a few times a day so you could boost the natural production of testosterone in your glands. To inform even more about the best testosterone booster for muscle gain, you can google it by typing “Best testosterone booster reviews” in search bar.

·       Inject a Dose of Testosterone

In order to supplement your T level, your doctor can prescribe injections to treat hypogonadism. You can choose to inject it by yourself, but we recommend you to let the medical professional do that instead of you.

Testosterone injections are given once to twice a month. Be sure to take a blood test and a medical check before starting this kind of therapy since there are some types of contraindications that may occur (such as development of hypersensitivity to this medicament). Additionally, it is not recommended to use this drug if you suffer or have previously suffered from breast and prostate cancer.

·       Patches and Gels

When it comes to both testosterone patches and gels, they should be applied to your skin once a day in order to replace the testosterone deficiency in your body.

Besides consisting of testosterone as an active ingredient, these medicaments also consists of inactive ingredients such as alcohol and glycerin that may cause an allergic reaction, so be sure to check with your doctor before you start this kind of treatment.

·       Change Your Lifestyle

Many of us would always find a reason to avoid changing the daily routine that only negatively affects our lives and overall health instead of finding a solution and changing some of the bad habits we have.

One of the ways to live a better and healthier life is to exercise regularly, eat green vegetables such as spinach, avoid processed and fast food and sleep better. That will change the quality of your life and balance the hormonal levels.

Testosterone Skin Cream Treatment for Premenopausal Women and Postmenopausal Women

Testosterone cream supplies an essential hormone that controls sexual desire and libido in pre menopausal and post menopausal women.

Symptoms of low testosterone levels in women with low libido:

  • loss of or diminished sex drive

  • lowered sexual desire and sexual activity

  • loss of energy

  • fatigue

  • lethargy

  • tiredness

  • lack of concentration

Causes for reduced testosterone levels in women

  • ageing

  • hysterectomy / removal of the ovaries

  • use of oestrogen tablets in menopause hormone replacement therapy HRT

  • use of oral contraceptives (the Pill)

  • stress, chemotherapy

  • and hypopituitarism

Other reasons why testosterone cream use for women is increasing

  • Testosterone for preservation of bone density

  • Testosterone for positive affection mood and maintenance of energy levels

Symptoms of testosterone deficiency in women, particularly loss of libido, are reversed by testosterone cream for women usage . Supplementing testosterone by using testosterone cream in women experiencing symptoms of low testosterone increases energy, libido and sexual response. Testosterone cream has superior efficacy and is more cost effective than testosterone injections, testosterone gel and testosterone patches for use in women with low testosterone. In 2017 treatment of low testosterone levels with testosterone cream is the hot topic in hormone medicine.

Testosterone Skin Cream Treatment for Grumpy Old Men

Testosterone cream for men with low testosterone levels reverses low libido, diminished sexual function, fatigue, lethargy, loss of motivation, decreased muscle mass and muscle strength, depression, irritability and mood changes.

Grumpy old mens syndrome, male hypogonadism, male menopause, the androgen deficient male (ADAM) and the andropause are the terms used to describe men with low testosterone levels.

In 2008 it is the testosterone deficient male – the grumpy old man with low testosterone that is being successfully treated with testosterone cream for men. Chronic medical conditions such as obesity and diabetes can increase the symptoms of lethargy, sleep disturbances, loss of libido, irritability, anxiety, reduced concentration and depressed mood in the hypogonadal by reducing testosterone levels. The grumpy old men syndrome is quickly improved by using testosterone cream applied to the skin to restore low testosterone levels to normal levels of testosterone.

Symptoms of low testosterone in Men:

  • fatigue, lethargy

  • mood changes

  • reduced concentration

  • sexual dysfunction

  • poor erectile function

  • loss of sexual interest

  • increased fat

  • depression

  • osteoporosis

  • anaemia

  • ill tempered

  • irritability

The above symptoms of low testosterone in men are all treatable with testosterone cream for men.

Causes for reduced testosterone levels in men

  • ageing

  • removal of the testicles

  • medication

  • stress, chemotherapy

  • and hypopituitarism


If you are a lady that wants to enter the world of bodybuilding, we will provide you with a few relevant tips to help you get started. Read this article to discover them.

#1 Do Not Expect the Male-like Muscle Mass

As we all know, male and female body constitutions differ in size. This means they may have different daily nutrition plans or different training programs in a gym. Although women are, in most cases, smaller in size than men, it does not mean they are always physically weaker.

Yes, females are not able to gain as much muscles as men, but when it comes to bodybuilding and competitions, they can also show a lot of muscle mass and win great prizes. You could have a strong and well-shaped physique even though you are a woman.

#2 Women Can Also Use Testosterone Supplements

Even though testosterone is primarily a male hormone, women bodies also naturally produce a certain amount of this hormone. It goes the same as if you were a man – this hormone helps in gaining strength, battling excessive weight and building muscles.

With a healthy dose of testosterone, you can both build muscles and strength and still look womanly. Do not listen to the gossips that will only make you lose interest in working out. Feel free to visit this page to check some of the best test boosters that women can use as well.

#3 Show Your Progress in Shaping Your Body

In order to get the encouragement from the others, show your progress to your gym buddies or join a competition. If you have shaped a great physique, then do not hide it for yourself. Besides sharing your progress with others, you should as well share the experience related to dietary supplements you use daily whether it is your favorite energy bar, a drink or a test booster.

Many women are not aware of the incredible benefits that food additives can provide so start a chat with other females in your gym and show them your results.

#4 Hire a Personal Coach

If you are new to the world of bodybuilding and exercising, hire a professional that can help you with decisions related to your training program. First thing you should do is to plan your fitness goal and then share your thoughts with a professional so he or she could create a workout schedule especially for you.

For example, trainings for women usually include a lot of cardio-related exercises, because they have problems with excessive weight more often than men have.

#5 Consult a Nutritionist or a Doctor

Since men and women have different hormonal levels, it is better to have a conversation with someone who specializes in nutrition than to ask your fellow bodybuilders for a test booster recommendation.

Although many of them may have great experiences with one of the best 5 testosterone supplements such as TestoGen (that can be used by women as well), testofuel, prime male, nugenix  and test x180 ignite, you never know what is the safe dose of this dietary supplement you should take daily.