Sunday, October 9, 2011

Life on the Farm is Kinda Laid Back...

Well, technically, it isn't a farm. It's my parent's camp, but it's on family land that used to be a farm.

It's where my parents go to relax...

...and watch the wildlife... this wild turkey...

They usually travel in packs, but that day we spotted only one.

We did find this teeny, tiny little lizard, basking in the sun...

on an overturned porch swing.

I think he tried to ignore us...

but we we were sitting about 10 feet away, so I don't think he could.

He finally tired of the spotlight and hid out on the light string under the porch rail.

Until next time...


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  2. Looks like a nice relaxing place, Charlene. It is pretty unusual to only see one turkey. Wonder if it was lost. Turkeys aren't very bright! BTW, I got my first Ebates check. Thanks for introducing me to the site!

  3. Thanks for that info and those links, Chaya!

    And Jane--so glad that ebates is working for you!

  4. I love seeing animals in the wild and would be thrilled to see a turkey.

    Next week I'm having an everything Thanksgiving link up. If you'd like to come on by and join in I'd be delighted!


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