Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mission Possible 11/17

  • She is like the merchant's ships, she bringeth her food (and other things) from afar
  • She looketh well to the ways of her household

Mission Possible--where we ask (and answer) the question--is it possible to save money and shop wisely in this economy?

Our mission, should we choose to accept it, (and you know we will!) is to take the resources we have available to us--coupons, rebates, Extra Care Bucks (ECB), Register Rewards (RR) and weekly ad circulars--to get the things our families need and can use, all while keeping our total out-of-pocket (OOP) as low as possible. We fulfill our tasks at drugstores, grocery stores, dollar stores, and wherever we can find those bargains and frugal finds that benefit our families!

It was a rainy day in Georgia, but I wanted to get a few things from Publix before this week's sale ends tonight, and or course Rite Aid is literally right there from where we live, so this was quick, though damp, trip for today.

$.70 Net OOP

Rite Aid doesn't always have the dramatic deals that you may find elsewhere, but if you watch their sales and combine sale price, coupons, and rebates, you can do quite nicely there. For today's visit, I bought:

1 Crest toothpaste, on sale $2.69, less $.75 MQ (manufacturer's coupon), this is eligible for a SCR (single check rebate) of $2.69, making this small moneymaker

1 Kotex pantiliners 42 count, on sale $2.99, less $1 MQ, this is eligible for a SCR of $2, making this free after SCR

1 Bounty basic paper towels, $1.29, less $.25 MQ, or $1.04

Total: I paid $5.39 cash, and will receive $4.69 on my November rebate check, so my net OOP (out of pocket) is $.70!

My next stop was Publix. Publix automatically doubles coupons up to $.50, and they have good B1G1 sales--and what makes it even better, you don't have to buy two to get the sale price--each item rings up half price. Combine that with coupons and you can frequently find really great deals. Today I bought:

1 gal Publix brand milk, $2.59
1 pkg Publix ham, B1G1, or $2.50 each
5 pkgs Green Giant vegetable steamers, B1G1, or $1.20 each, I had 4 $.50 MQs and 1 $.40 MQ, all of which doubled, making these $.24 each
2 YoPlus yogurt, B1G1, or $1.25 each, less 2 $1 MQ, or $.25 for each 4-pack
1 Softsoap hand soap, on sale $.79, less $.40 MQ, doubled, making this free(!)
1 Keebler Bistro crackers (my husband's favorite, and a bit expensive so we don't buy unless they're on sale) B1G1 or $2.00 each
Velveeta, B1G1, or $3.00 each

Paid $8.09 cash, with a total saving (advertised sale plus coupons) of $16.92,or 68% savings.

I still plan to hit Walgreens at some point, stay tuned for that installment later this week.

How have you done on your shopping this week? Be sure to share your "steals and deals"!

Until next time...


  1. You're inspiring me Charlene! I actually purchased the paper and clipped coupons on Sunday. There were some dandy one in there too!


  2. You'll be wheeling and dealing with the rest of us before you know it!

  3. Wow - great job! I love those veggie steamers! Yummy.


  4. HI!!!
    Thank you for popping over to my blog on Doors of welcome!!!!I love meeting new faces!!!!
    You inspire me to shop better, when my kids were little I did that all the time, since it is now just the hubs and I and occasional daughter-son-in-law and of course the grand baby whom I watch sometimes 3 afternoons a week sometimes less, I need to start shopping smarter again. I love a good bargain and love to shop where the deals are, but it seems lately I do not find the deals you mention!!! I need to subscribe to the Sunday paper again and get all those great coupons!!!!
    thanks for the reminder to be $$$$ smart!!!

  5. Thanks, ladies, for the comments! I appreciate the feedback, it's nice to know someone is "really" reading and benefiting! ;0)


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