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What does "virtuous" mean?

  • Who can find a virtuous woman?
What do you think of when you think of a "virtuous woman"? What does "virtuous" really mean, anyway?

According to, virtue is defined as "moral excellence; goodness; righteousness", and virtuous is defined as "conforming to ethical and moral principles". So a virtuous woman would be a woman of moral excellence, goodness , and righteousness, conforming to ethical and moral principles.

On a more personal level, when I first think of a virtuous woman, I think of an almost saintly person--a real "church lady"--able to perform as a superwoman and keep a sweet look on her face all at the same time.

A lofty aspiration, but is this passage of scripture really discussing only saintliness as we usually define it--the goodness and morality mentioned earlier? The problem with thinking this way is that the scripture was not written originally in English. Especially if we're looking at it in the KJV, common usage of words may have changed since it was first translated. So, lets dig a little deeper. KJV translates this as "virtuous woman"; NKJV, "virtuous wife; NAS, "excellent wife", and the Amplified Bible states it as "capable, intelligent, and virtuous wife". So, again, I think of a certain quality of "goodness", and maybe efficiency thrown in for good measure. From the passage, it's obvious she is a real worker bee, and now she is morally excellent, good, and righteous.

This is getting worse and worse. I mean, er, harder and harder to live up to.

But wait, there's more...

According to Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, the word translated here as "virtuous" is a Hebrew word that can best be transliterated in English as chayil. The definition of chayil is "army, wealth, virtue, valour, strength..great forces..might..power..strength." What's more, this word chayil is translated as virtue, virtuous, virtuously only about 4 out of 243 instances that it's used in the Bible. By far the single biggest use of this word is translated as "men of valour", as in David's mighty men of valour.

When I first started studying this, it was as if a light-bulb went off over my head. Being a virtuous woman is not about being meek and mild and sweet and "good"--all of those things that I have trouble being. Meekness is a fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-23) that we all need to bear. But being a virtuous woman is about more than that. It's about being a strong woman. A woman of valour and honor. A woman of moral excellence, and yes, a "good" woman.

Wait a minute--aren't women supposed to be "the weaker sex"? You know, most of us are physically weaker than most men, in the tests that men use to measure strength. We probably can't bench press more than the men we know. We probably can't jump as high or run as fast or as far as most men. I think we're capable, though, of strength of a different sort. We may not bear the physical burdens in our families, but we often bear other types of burdens. Our work may be measured differently from what most men term work, but it is a noble work, and one that we are peculiarly equipped to do. Men may be the bricks upon which we build our family, but we are the mortar that holds it all together.

I'll be talking later on about what it means to be a strong woman of God, but for tonight, let me leave you with this. God has a peculiar place for each of us as godly women to fill. We are virtuous--not by our own strength, or by our own goodness, but by His strength, and His goodness.

Rise up, you women of virtue; rise up, you women of valour and strength, and take the place that God created you to take.

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  1. Charlene,

    Your message was inspiring and I thank you for sharing your thoughts. I will look forward to reading more of the articles you write because I feel that you have researched and studied the word. Thanks.

    Young Lady from NC

  2. Thank you for your comment.

    As you can see, this is a new endeavor for me. I appreciate knowing that you were blessed!


  3. God bless you for that cause o didn't know what a Womens virtue really meant god showed a friend of mind to tell me that I'm a Women of virtue and I didn't understand the meaning virtue to much and I was searching the meaning in the dictionary on the phone and I wasn't gettin what I was lookin for but I scrolled down read Ur site and got blessed love u in the lord...

  4. Religion has us so messed up. I never new God had a printing press. The Creator has a peculiar place for each of us as godly women to fill. We are virtuous--not by our own strength, or by our own goodness, but by Spirits strength, and Spirits goodness.Your explaination is good is great.

  5. Thank you, I too am well knowledgeable about the virtuous woman. Many homes today are existing with Yahweh, and the sad reality is that precious children are left to the immoral lifestyles view on TV,MOVIES, VIDEO GAMES, OLDER SIBILINGS, OR OTHER RELATIVES. Mothers, Fathers you can win the battle, all you have to do is turn to Yahweh in the name of Yahshua (Jesus Christ) introduce your home to the BEST love they could ever know. Save your child(ren) before its too late. Your daughters deserve to see you fight for them, your sons, long to see you stand strong for them. But only in Christ can you stand, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but MIGHTY THROUGH Yahweh.

  6. I enjoyed reading this ! Knowing the meaning and what a virtuous woman is all about i learned a lot thank you very much for taking the time to research and sharing. As a Christian young lady im learning to be the virtuous woman God wants me to be. Thanks again !

    1. Thanks for visiting, and for commenting! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the post!

  7. A virtous woman are rare but when you find yourself in connection with one, don't be afraid. They are in your life for a reason!!


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